Litigation Literacy Program

The PLICO Litigation Literacy Program is designed for a PLICO insured who is currently facing legal action. It is our goal to provide you the very best preventive and defense services. This program is just a small component of the overall team effort employed to support you during this time.
The Litigation Literacy Program provides an overview of the important challenges a physician may face and offers ideas, resources and tips to increase your knowledge of the process, hopefully alleviating some of the stress involved. Resources include applicable websites, articles, videos and self-assessment tools.
The assignment of a PLICO Advisory Board member to serve in a guiding role to the insured impacted by legal action sets our program apart. Upon notification of lawsuit, the board member will receive basic information regarding the physician involved and will contact you to provide support in this challenging time. This role is not designed and should not discuss the clinical aspects of the case, but rather to ensure that the affected physician is aware of the educational and emotional support resources available to navigate the process.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this program, please contact us at 405.815.4803.


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