Report a Claim

Timely reporting of a claim or lawsuit is required by your policy. To report a claim or lawsuit, PLEASE CALL 405.815.4800 within 2 days of receiving a Summons & Petition or Complaint. 

In the event you receive notice of a lawsuit:

  1. Do not agree to speak with anyone other than your Claim Consultant before Defense Counsel is assigned. 
  2. Do not discuss this with family, colleagues or friends. 
  3. Do not access the medical record. 
  4. Report the exact date the Summons was received and who accepted the service as an Answer must be timely filed with the court. 
  5. Have your policy number available and be prepared to discuss the facts of the claim/lawsuit with the PLICO Claims Consultant.  

To report a risk incident or potential claim (meaning you have not been served with a claim letter or lawsuit), please call Risk Solutions at 405.815.4803.

We are here to assist you through this process as we know this will be a stressful time for you and your family.