Report a Claim

If you need to report a claim, please call 405.815.4802.

Timely reporting of a claim or lawsuit is required by your policy. When you call to report a claim, please have your policy number available and be prepared to discuss the facts of the claim or lawsuit with a PLICO representative. If you believe that a claim may be filed, but are not sure, please feel free to call our Risk Management Department at 405.815.4803 and they can help you.

Note: Notice to the Claims Department is the only way to satisfy the claim reporting requirements of your policy. Reporting an incident to our risk managers or any other PLICO personnel does not constitute notice of a claim.

In the event you receive notice of a lawsuit:

  1. Notify PLICO by contacting the Claims Department within 2 days of receiving a Summons & Petition or Complaint. It is important to report the exact date the Summons was received and who accepted the service, as an Answer must be filed within twenty days of service. For example, if the Summons was sent by certified mail and the green card showing acceptance of the service was signed on May 1st, this is the date that triggers the "twenty day" response time to file an Answer. 
  2. Fax or email a copy of the Summons & Petition to PLICO as directed by the Claims Department when you report the lawsuit. 
  3. After confirming coverage, the Claims Counsel or Claims Analyst will contact you and discuss the assignment of a defense attorney. In addition, the Claims Counsel or an Analyst will give you general information regarding the process and answer any questions you may have. 
  4. Do not discuss the facts involved in the lawsuit with anyone before you have contacted the PLICO staff. 

Please feel free to contact the Claims Counsel or your Analyst for any questions, concerns or if you need any further information regarding your claim. We are here to assist you through this process, as we know this will be a stressful time for you and your family.

E-mail claims at