Evening Rounds


Evening Rounds is a risk management PREMIER ACTIVITY. PLICO is pleased to offer our insured providers the opportunity to attend Premier Activities* throughout the year in 2023. In addition to complimentary AMA PRA Category 1 CME™ credit, Evening Rounds sessions cover a variety of topics and provide valuable information to decrease risk and improve the quality of patient care. Evening Rounds sessions are available in Tulsa and Oklahoma City in the first and second quarters of the year. Please see below for the current schedule. 

Gerard Clancy, MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine
Sr. Assoc Dean, University of Iowa Health Care
Past President, University of Tulsa and University of Oklahoma, Tulsa
Prior to COVID, "burn out" had climbed to a rate of 39% of practicing US physicians. With the arrival of the pandemic, "burn out" rates climbed to 63%. Mounting evidence suggests this new psychological state of distress among many physicians is "More Than Burn Out". Beyond the traditional definition of "burn out", this encompasses moral injury similar to combat veterans, exhaustion in maintaining access to quality care in light of significant workforce staffing shortages and higher levels of vigilance for physical and psychological safety in the healthcare workplace. Dr. Clancy will provide concrete strategies and tactics physicians and health systems can take to address this new version of distress that is "More Than Burn Out". His insights come from his work as a pyschiatrist embedded in a Level 1 Emergency and Trauma Center as well as a consulting psychiatrist for the critical care services of a 1,000-bed academic health center. 
Dinner and Registration: 5pm-6pm; Program: 6pm-8pm
- Sept 18: Tandy Conference Center, Tulsa, OK
- Sept 19: Oklahoma State Medical Association, OKC, OK
R. Gene Stanley, Esq, Partner, Walters, Stanley & Natarajan
Chad Moody, Esq, Partner, Rodolf & Todd
Tim Best, Esq, Partner, Best & Sharp
Sean McKee, Esq, Partner, Best & Sharp
Join us for an overview of valuable information regarding current legal issues facing physicians and other healthcare providers. Experienced PLICO defense attorneys will present topics important to the practice of medicine and discuss strategies to manage both ongoing and newly identifiied risks faced by providers in this evolving healthcare environment. They will explore strategies to address potential risk points and mitigate these to improve patient outcomes and experience as well as protect the provider from litigation.  
Breakfast and Registration: 8:30am-9am; Program: 9am-11am
- Sept 23: Oklahoma State Medical Association, OKC, OK
Dinner and Registration: 5pm-6pm; Program: 6pm-8pm
- Oct 11: CityPlex Towers, Tulsa, OK
Anthony Orsini, DO
Keynote Speaker, Author and Practicing ICU Physician
The ability to communicate well and form trusting relationships with patients and staff are the keys to success in medicine. Yet, the increasing challenges placed on healthcare professionals have caused many physicians and nurses to become more task oriented than patient oriented, forgetting why they became physicians in the first place. This has led to record job dissatisfaction, physician burnout and staff turnover. In this engaging lecture, Dr. Orsini discusses how physicians and healthcare professionals can improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and their own well-being by creating a culture that encourages strong relationships with patients and fellow team members. Described as inspirational, this presentation will inject new enthusiasm into anyone involved in the care of patients and staff and remind them why they chose medicine in the first place. 
Dinner and Registration: 5pm-6pm; Program: 6pm-8pm
- Sept 25: Oklahoma State Medical Association, OKC, OK
- Sept 26: Tandy Conference Center, Tulsa, OK
Please join us as we partner with ACOG District VII to present topics of importance to our maternal health physicians. Topics include Surviving a Lawsuit, Clinical Updates for MFM, UroGyn and REI and Recovering from Difficult Outcomes.
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Program: 1pm-4:15pm
- Sept 29: Hyatt Regency, Tulsa, OK
Graham Billingham, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Chief Medical Office, MedPro Group
Join Dr. Billingham as he highlights the current trends in medical malpractice frequency and severity. The overview will compare the National US experience with that of Oklahoma physicians. We will examine the present day issues in the court system, our claims experience and strategies being introduced by plaintiff and defense counsel. To conclude, we will identify future areas of emerging risk and risk prevention strategies.  
Dinner and Registration: 5pm-6pm; Program: 6pm-8pm
- Oct 24: TBD, Tulsa, OK
- Oct 25: Oklahoma State Medical Association, OKC, OK
*Insureds who successfully complete these programs may be eligible for a risk management premium credit at their next policy renewal. Premium credit eligibility is subject to policy type.